Newsletter Committee

The "Today" Newsletter Committee

What is the Newsletter Committee?

The Newsletter Committee prepares the "Today" newsletter for printing and distribution. First, it gathers the stories, articles, and other submissions from the members of the fellowship. Then the Committee ensures the submission complies with OA's Traditions. The Committee also proofreads and edits the articles if there are typos or grammatical issues. This is all done through email. The layout of the next newsletter is prepared and sent to the printer. When the newsletters are received in print, they are distributed through the Intergroup meeting. The Committee also distributes the newsletter via subscription. Click on the button below to download the latest subscription form.




What can I do to help?

You can help by submitting your original writings, articles, artwork, cartoons, or poetry. Ask your sponsee to send in their writing. Use the "Contact Us" page to send any submission to the Newsletter Committee.