What’s New In Intergroup

What’s new in Intergroup – February 2019

Working & Living the Program Events

February 23, Unity Day, St Luke’s Metuchen
Mar. 16, Edison Meeting Workshop, Neptune
Apr. 5-7, Region 7 Assembly, Frederick, Md
May 6-12, WSBC, Albuquerque, NM
Aug. 23-25- TWCR Retreat, Easton, Pa.
Sept. 7-Oct. 12- Back to Basics Workshops, Red Bank

Chair Report

The February 8th CJI Intergroup meeting was happily restored to health from last month’s lack of quorum to 13 members including our newest rep from the Flemington meeting and myself.

Much business was conducted, and the first order of business was discussing and voting on the 2019 WSBC business agenda. This vote is simply to see what motions the group conscience of OA wants to appear on the agenda. All motions require 50% or more yes votes from all service bodies responding so to be added to the agenda. We next conducted nominations and voting for both secretary positions. Kim J and Sima M were elected for a second term as corresponding and recording secretaries, respectively. Lee Ann S was elected as a Region 7 alternate and plans to attend the spring assembly.

As these events were time consuming some reports were not given and next month will give ample time for all reports.

We at intergroup are here united in the desire to carry the message of recovery to all who still suffer. We sincerely hope you will join us as a group representative or visitor at our next Intergroup meeting on March 8th.

CJI Mailing Address
Our mailing address is
PO Box 7234
Freehold, NJ 07728

Groups: Update Your Secretary Contact Info
Please continue to review your secretary position and if necessary update contact information with World Service as a membership survey will be conducted later this year. Updating meeting information is easy. Go to Find a Meeting and click Edit an Existing Meeting

CJI Outreach Committee
On Mar. 17, the annual Robert Wood Johnson Medical School presentation will be conducted and on Mar. 27 we will again be attending the Carrier employee health fair.

The committee has ordered more literature and will have outreach packets available at intergroup meetings. The chair, Mike J is in the process of compiling a schedule for the many outreach events planned. The committee has requested that old Lifelines be donated by individual or groups so to bring to health fairs as they are a very popular give away to visitors.

For further information on this meeting or anything outreach, please contact Mike J. at manda254@comcast.net or cell 201 519 2816.

CJI Fundraisers
The fund-raising committee unveiled its beautifully redesigned short sleeve T shirts and will be available at Unity Day as well as OA literature and other fund-raising items.

News from Region and World Service
On April 5-7 the Region 7 Assembly will be held in Frederick, Md. On May 6-12 the 2019 WSBC will be held. Brenda S and I will be attending as CJI delegates.

12 Step Within Committee
Christina H and Kim J are our co-chairs and at this time the report was not given due to time constraints.

Website Committee
Please visit our website www.oa-centraljersey.org Send us your writings, “Heard at a Meeting” quotes, sponsor’s wisdom or create a poster to let people know about your meeting. Please visit our new and improved mobile friendly web site.

Unity Day
The event is co-hosted by CJI, Jersey Shore and South Jersey on Feb. 23rd and please remind your groups to arrange to have their gift raffle baskets or gift cards brought to Unity Day early so to set them up. Volunteers are also needed between 8 and 8:30 to help set up, all volunteers most welcomed.

TWC Retreat
The TWC committee with our new retreat partner, South Jersey intergroup on Jan 9th had a very productive conference call meeting. The flyer was formalized and was distributed. There will be 12 workshops; leaders and a keynote speaker s are being sought. The retreat will be heavily publicized with the help of South Jersey.

Winter Dreams Retreat
There will be no 2019 retreat as the committee wishes to retool with a new location and come back strong in 2020. Committee members are sorely needed; please contact me if interested in joining the committee.

Today Newsletter
Our Editor needs content for our next newsletter. Please send her your writings at TodayNewsletter@gmail.com.

The January/February Today is currently available on our website; please make sure your meeting has some to distribute.

Please note, after many years of valued service as Today editor Brenda S is stepping down. Please consider this service. You do not have to be an intergroup rep but your presence at intergroup is required.

Congratulations to our Meetings celebrating Group Anniversaries Sun. Scotch Plains /23/2000, 19 yrs.; Sat. Princeton2/24/1983, 36 yrs.; Tues. Clark 2/28/1987, 32 yrs.; Fri. Brielle 2/02/1987 32 yrs.; Mon. Freehold 2/04/2013, 6 yrs.; Wed. Jackson 2/06/2013, 6 yrs.
If your group would like to plan an Anniversary meeting, please reach out to Intergroup. We would be delighted to help you.

News from Groups
The Red Bank meeting will be conducting a weekly Back to Basics workshop from Sept. 7-Oct. 12. Thurs. Metuchen Meditation meeting needs support. Sun. Scotch Plains meeting will be celebrating on Feb. 24 a special 19th anniversary and Unity meeting, same time and location.
Please note, the Wed. Atlantic Highlands is temporary suspended and hopefully will re-open in the spring.

Next IG Meeting: March 8th – 7:30PM Raritan Bay Medical Center – Old Bridge Please join us to help us create our future together!

Have a Great Day in Recovery,

Ross M.

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