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Winter Dreams Retreat 2017

A Heart Full of Song
the lyrics of the Principles

January 13, 2017 - January 15, 2017

Register now for the upcoming retreat about
living the Principles.

Discussion Groups, Writing Workshop,
Meditation Workshop, Quiet Time

This retreat is held on the beautiful grounds of the Del Barton School in Morristown. Clean, furnished rooms with linens provided; healthy meals served in spacious dining hall; kitchenette in main house with refrigerator, pantry facilities, and microwave oven; and woodland paths and formal garden for meditative walks.




PNC LED Sign – Holmdel, NJ

In 2011 our Treasurer noticed the advertisements on the tollbooths on the Garden State Parkway and had an idea that perhaps we could advertise on these signs. When she called to see if we could advertise our program on these tollbooth signs, it turned out that the Parkway was in the middle of overhauling their tollbooths and they were not scheduling any new advertisements. Our contact then offered to put our message on the PNC Arts Center LED sign. They offered it at no cost to us. Their designers worked with us on our message. The message ran from the week before Thanksgiving until the end of January in 2011. The message has run every year since.

The sign is up again this year. Will you see it?

The PNC Bank Arts Center is a modern amphitheater located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, USA. About 17,500 people can occupy the amphitheater; there are 7,000 seats and the grass area can hold about 10,500 people. Our message is broadcast in rotation with other messages on 2 signs, one on the Northbound side and the Southbound side of the highway.

Good Idea and LightbulbWhat’s New in OA Literature

Revised “Been Slipping and Sliding?
A Reading and Writing Tool”

Use the revised “Been Slipping and Sliding? A Reading and Writing Tool” to stop the slips, help turn around a relapse, and recommit to your OA program. Updated with all-new reading references to Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition, this questionnaire has thirty thought-provoking prompts for journaling and sponsor-sponsee discussion.  Find it online at What’s New (https://oa.org/whats-new/) or at oa.org/documents; “Twelve Step Within.”  Here is the direct link: https://oa.org/files/pdf/Been-Slipping-and-Sliding.pdf.

New!  From Slip or Relapse to Recovery  New!
Use the three-part action plan laid out in the new From Slip Or Relapse To Recovery to reclaim abstinence. Take an inventory, develop a plan, and renew your commitment to your OA program—commit to the most loving thing you can do right now for yourself, your abstinence, and your recovery.

Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide now available for Kindle and Nook.


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NEW!!! Seventh Tradition Table Card

Groups and Service Bodies: Use this downloadable tabletop tent card to encourage members to make a Seventh Tradition contribution. Every donation makes a difference. OA uses contributions to extend a helping hand and heart to still-suffering compulsive eaters around the world—both inside and outside the OA meeting rooms!

To download the Seventh Tradition Table Card for your next meeting, CLICK SeventhTraditionTable Card