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Goodbye From Christina H.

     Tonight CJI elected a new Chair – Ross M. Ross has been a member of CJI for 37 years and has 36 years of abstinence. He brings with him a long history of service at the group and above the group level. I know he will provide great leadership because of his commitment to our program.   Should you want to reach out to him, Ross’s email is teveenutt@yahoo.com.
     Since this was my last meeting as chair, I took a minute this week to take a look at our calendars since December 2012 and I was really touched by all the events I saw listed there.  It’s been an active road.  Among the things I noticed were:

•8 weekend retreats
13 Anniversary Meetings where our members shared the best of our history and celebrated our recovery. There were some great memories shared at those celebrations.
19 Intergroup Sponsored workshops where we brought the workshop to our meetings.  This gave the meetings a chance to have a larger attendance.  We had 16 different presenters from CJI who shared their Strength, Hope and Experience during the workshops.  These workshops helped us to create a conversation about working the steps and I noticed no one ran out of the room at the end of the meeting.  People always lingered to talk.
5 Unity Days
4 IDEA Days
4 One Day Retreats
Group Sponsored ½ Marathons and Workshops
We have a great website thanks to Kim B.
Regular communications with our members

     CJI is a very active intergroup!  I’m very proud of the spirit of our members.  Every time I needed help with a big project you showed up.
     Sometimes the service I did saved my brains during some hard personal times because I had to follow through on something I promised.  Doing those tasks reminded me of the principles of the fellowship.
     I never thought I would be an Intergroup Chair.  It was never an ambition of mine.  We needed some help and I had learned some things at Region 7 Intergroup Renewal.  During the first meetings I was so nervous, I thought I would break out in hives.
     This is a “we” program and I am glad we are on this road together.  Thanks for all the memories and the support.  I developed some skills I never thought I possible because of your help and our mutual desire to spread the message of recovery. 
     There is a lot of work to continue to keep our intergroup and our meetings strong.  Society is changing all the time and we have to work at keeping our people in the rooms.  Fellowship and support is still the most important thing we offer to each other.  The steps and the traditions give us a good start on how to bring the best of ourselves to the party and the meetings provide encouragement to stay on this path.
     I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll be continuing my service on the 12 Step Within Committee with Kim J. as co-chair.
     Thanks for this opportunity.  It’s been a good journey.

Christina H.    

Hello from Ross M.

Hi Friends,
     I’d like to say hi and introduce myself as the newly elected Central Jersey Intergroup Chair. I consider it a great honor and thank all who have shown support, trust, encouragement and love in the days leading up to the election. I have no doubt this support will continue.

     I will be following a great chair in Christina who has given dedicated service in helping to grow this Intergroup into an active vibrant community united into carrying the message. Our Intergroup meetings are a friendly, hard working body and are a part of the group conscious of all the meetings they represent. My intent is to continue this productive atmosphere and know I will need a lot of help to do so and there is no doubt I will get it from this body.   

     Intergroup meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of the month in Old Bridge at the Raritan Bay Medical Center. There are many committees all involved in bringing recovery opportunities to our OA members; please join us as a meeting representative or visitor. We’d love to see you and get your input.

     Lastly I know this service can be challenging at times and when and if that happens, I know where to turn and that of course is to the 3rd Step and 11th Step and I know I will.

Yours in Service and Recovery, Ross

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Online Anonymity Guidelines

Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World

It's a digital world and our ideas about anonymity have to change with it. A new guideline has been issued by WSO addressing emails, blogs, podcasts, texts, social networks, and the traditions. A snippet from the new guideline reads:

"A good idea to remember about anonymity in all environments, digital or otherwise, is to never share anything that you would not want to appear on the front page of the newspaper. While you may keep the anonymity of others, you cannot ensure that other people will keep yours."