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PNC LED Sign – Holmdel, NJ

Have you seen the OA ad on the PNC sign on the Garden State Parkway yet? It's there again!

In 2011 our Intergroup Treasurer noticed the advertisements on the tollbooths on the Garden State Parkway and had an idea that perhaps we could advertise on these signs. When she called to see if we could advertise our program on these tollbooth signs, it turned out that the Parkway was in the middle of overhauling their tollbooths and they were not scheduling any new advertisements. Our PNC contact then offered to put our message on the PNC Arts Center LED sign. They had already made space available for another 12 Step Group and offered it at no cost to us. Their designers worked with us on our message. The message ran from the week before Thanksgiving until the end of January in 2011. Thanks to that former treasurer's continued service, our message has been displayed every year since 2011.

The PNC Bank Arts Center is a modern amphitheatre located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, USA. About 17,500 people can occupy the amphitheater; there are 7,000 seats and the grass area can hold about 10,500 people. Our message is broadcast in rotation with other messages on 2 signs one on the Northbound side and the Southbound side of the highway.