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Staying SAFE and SANE Through the Holiday Season

Central Jersey Intergroup is turning 40 this year!!

Come celebrate with us at I.D.E.A. Day on November 15. Bring your memories to share during the day. OA IDEA DAY Flyer 2014

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Fond Farewell to St. Veronica’s

On 9/11/14, the Thursday Beginner’s meeting at St. Veronica’s in Howell moved to Hope Lutheran in Freehold. I thought it would be nice to walk down memory lane a little. I am not quite sure of the actual length of time OA has been meeting at St. Veronica’s. I do know that this is the second location of the Thursday Howell meeting; the first location was at Prince of Peace in Howell, a short distance away.

I can somewhat date the St. Veronica’s meeting because recently a veteran OA’er returned to this meeting after 27 years! We also have a regular member who has been attending almost 20 years and myself almost 15 years.

I’d like to share one more anecdote about, of all things, the 7th Tradition basket. Actually, it’s not a basket but the famous “blue cigar box”. This box has been there since I’ve been going and is even named in our format during the 7th Tradition announcement. The longtimer who recently returned to St. Veronica’s could not believe her eyes. It was the same blue cigar box that was passed around 27 years ago.

I want to acknowledge all the caring people over the years who have supported and made us feel so welcome at St. Veronica’s including the current pastor, Father Euk. Oh, what great memories. Farewell St. Veronica’s and thank you so much.