The Ghosts of Holidays Past

VOR- 12/20: “….do we let the needs of others govern us while we ignore our own?…have we tried to shift the blame to others?”

Reflecting on holidays Past, I see the ghosts of Complacency, Blame, and Misery. Complacency told me I was just fine and didn’t need to call ahead, read a menu online, or bring my own food. This ghost was often accompanied by its partner Shame, shining eerie light on recovery behavior I found embarrassing. Blame pointed a boney finger at ‘the other guy’ and often times at the holiday itself…”It’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, YOUR birthday, THE EASTER BUNNY MADE ME DO IT!!!!” And Misery: The ghost that stays and stays; a lingering gift of my choices and the company I keep.

When I check out in a store, go to the post office, or greet a neighbor I get the question “Are you ready for Christmas?” It has become the generic “earth person” greeting.  A brief conversation about how prepared, or not, they are ensues. There is an air of shopping frenzy and ghostly presence. When I go to a meeting with my fellow “aliens”, I enter the room to the feeling of fellowship and a true spirit of giving. There I find the statement “WE ARE READY” and find the gift of a program of attraction waiting for me there.

I love the needs of others: Christmas lights, overflowing shopping carts, an I Love Lucy holiday special on TV tonight. These are the gifts of the season. But the needs I hold dearest are those of others who want to stop eating compulsively, do what they have learned they MUST do, and share how they get the strength and willingness to DO IT.

My holiday wish for all of you reading is a huge plate of willingness to keep coming back and big box of DO IT.  Hey…just like Kindergarten past…Snack time and show & tell…I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Happy Friday!…Janice