Your Intergroup

Central Jersey Intergroup meets once a month and intergroup representatives from local meetings gather to share information about meetings and make decisions on how we will support the recovery of our members in Central Jersey. Central Jersey Intergroup Supports OA meetings in Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Mercer (Princeton area),  and Monmouth counties. Some of the ways CJI has supported the meetings in our area are:

1. Maintains a comprehensive website for the Central Jersey area.
2. Provides a telephone hotline to obtain meeting information: 732-637-9420
3. Keeps meeting lists updated.
4. Sponsors retreats, marathons and publicizes special recovery workshops held by our groups.
5. Offers local educational outreach to the professional community and participates in local health fairs.
6. Represents Central Jersey OA groups at Region 7 assemblies and World Service Business Conference.

Let us know how we can be of help to your meeting. Come join us at Central Jersey Intergroup meetings, which is virtual on the second Friday of the month @ 7 PM.

Strategic Goals
1. Help members strengthen their recovery.
2. Increase the number of sponsors.
3. Increase the number of newcomers.
4. Increase the retention of newcomers.
5. Help those in relapse.
6. Continue our Outreach to the Public and healthcare professionals.
7. Inspire people to give more service.

Intergroup Principles
A. OA has no power structure, only a service structure.
B. Intergroup “has no power to enforce rules on OA groups or individual members.” (OA 12 & 12, p 119)
C. Disagreement does not equal personal rejection.
D. Diversity can be our strength.
E. If we all agreed on everything, we wouldn’t all be necessary.
F. Keep our discussions within the spirit of “I love you, but I disagree with you”.
G. When the group conscience is reached, let there be unity.