What’s New In Intergroup

What’s New in Intergroup-Sept. 2020

Working & Living the Program Events

  • October 16-17 Region 7 Virtual Assembly
  • November 6-8, Region 7 Virtual Convention
  • November 21-22, IDEA Day Weekend
  • November 21, CJI Virtual IDEA Day

Chair Report

The September 11th CJI Intergroup meeting was again held as a Zoom meeting due to the pandemic safeguards in place. The meeting was attended by 12 members including myself.
In addition to our regular reports, CJI was granted approval from World Service for renewal of our CJI OA logo, both the short and the long version. Mike j made his annual insurance report, emphasizing illnesses are not covered by our policy and that once groups are meeting face to face again that he has insurance copies available upon request. Alex C announced that the CJI PayPal account has been utilized and emphasized to contribute using the “Friends and Family” option on PayPal so not to be charged. I contacted World Service on how meetings can convert to virtual and still remain in CJI and as meetings contact us, will explain the procedure.

The Ways and Means Committee will be meeting this month to discuss the 2020-21 CJI budget so to present it to the intergroup for discussion and vote; CJI fiscal year ends October 31.

We at intergroup are here united in the desire to carry the message of recovery to all those who still suffer.

CJI Mailing Address
Our mailing address is

PO Box 7234
Freehold, NJ 07728
Groups: Update Your Secretary Contact Info

Once we return to face to face meetings, please continue to review your secretary position and if necessary, update contact information with World Service.
Updating meeting information is easy. Go to Find a Meeting and click Edit an Existing Meeting

CJI Outreach Committee
Mike J reported on the recent virtual outreach event with psychiatric residents at Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School on September 3. The outreach committee will be purchasing and distributing the beginner pamphlet, “Where Do I Start” to newcomers to our Fellowship.
The committee is planning to continue at this time to carry the message virtually and welcomes new ideas and suggestions. For further information on anything outreach, please contact Mike J. at manda254@comcast.net or cell 201 519 2816.

Fund Raising Committee
The fund-raising committee is meeting to discuss the feasibility of selling fund raisers including t- shirts on our website. The committee will than work with our web master, Robin B for the best way to do this.

Twelfth Step Within Committee
The CJI TSW committee has launched the “Zoom Around the World” contest and encourages CJI members
to participate so to be eligible for a raffle for OA’s new book on body image and sexuality.
CJI Website
Please visit our website www.oa-centraljersey.org
Our web master, Robin B continues to update events and meetings on our site. Please continue to
send any events to me and I will forward them to our web master.


Co-chairs Judy P and Brenda S have met, and IDEA Day will be held virtually on Saturday, November 21; flyer will be forthcoming.
Sponsorship Day

All 5 NJ intergroups hosted a Sponsorship Day virtual workshop on August 16. This was a well- attended event with 118 participants, enthusiastic speakers and attendee participation. Today Newsletter
The September-October issue is now available on our web site.

Please encourage your meetings to download or read it on our web site.

Meeting Anniversaries
Tues. Brick 09/24/2015, 5 yrs.; Wed. Atlantic Highlands 09/04/2017, 3 yrs.
If your group would like to plan a virtual Anniversary meeting, please reach out to
Intergroup. We would be delighted to help you.
News from Region
The Fall Assembly will be held as a virtual assembly scheduled for Oct. 16-17. Mike J and LeeAnn S are our current region reps and Mike M is an alternate rep. All plan to attend.
Region 7 has decided to hold the Region 7 Convention virtually on November 6-8; updated flyers
are now available
News from World Service
The 2021 WSBC documents are now available on oa.org.
The WSBC Twelfth Step Within Committee will meet on October 18 and Frank M plans to bring up our Zoom Around the World contest.
News from Groups
At this time all face to face CJI meeting with the exception of Wednesday Westfield have
been temporarily suspended. Please consult our coronavirus section on our web site for
phone and Zoom meeting replacements and any changes.
Sunday Lawrence Harbor meeting has extended their virtual speaker series on Sunday
through October 25. Wednesday Westfield remains our only in person meeting and would
welcome all to their meeting, Covid 19 safeguards are in place and must be observed. The
Monday Shrewsbury meeting is temporarily a hybrid, check our website for more
Meeting Changes
Please send all meeting updates or changes to our corresponding secretary, Kim J at: www.cjisecretary@gmail.com or myself.
Next IG Meeting: October 9th, 2020 – 7:30PM Zoom
Have a Blessed Day in Recovery,
Ross M.

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