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The following is the CJI Holiday Meeting Schedule:


Tuesday Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Meetings

-Aberdeen/Matawn not meeting on both days.

-Brick not meeting on Christmas Eve; will meet on New Years Eve.

-Clark not meeting on both days.

-Cranford not meeting on both days.

-Eatontown not meeting on both days

-Metuchen not meeting on Christmas Eve; will meet on New Years Eve (in Robbin's Room; Please bring your Big Book)


Wednesday Christmas and New Years Meetings

-Jackson not meeting on Christmas; will meet on New Years

-Westfield not meeting on both days

Please note: Sunday Edison will hold a special Christmas Day meeting; please see included flyer.


The following is the available Christmas Day phone marathon from

Christmas Day Phone Marathon DETAILS

The 712 + Telephone Virtual Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous sponsors Marathon Phone Meetings on various holidays. We recognize the diversity of OA members and although we don’t endorse any particular holiday, we want to support members who do celebrate those days. The marathons start at 8 a.m. and continue until midnight every hour around any regularly scheduled meetings. All are welcome to participate by dialing 712-432-5200 and using conference ID 4285115#.



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