What Is Intergroup?

Intergroup Supports The Meetings

Central Jersey Intergroup provides support to the meetings and the Fellowship in the following New Jersey counties: Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Mercer, and Monmouth. We are a group of representatives from the various meetings in these counties who meet one Friday each month in order to conduct the business of OA in our area. We determine what needs are to be met, how best to meet them, and then work together to put a plan into action. We decide how to spend the money to best serve the fellowship and to reach the still suffering compulsive overeater.

Each group elects a representative to attend a monthly Intergroup meeting and to bring the informed group conscience of their group to the CJI body. This includes voting on just how you want your donations used, what services CJI should provide and, even, how those services should be provided. All groups are encouraged to elect representatives and have their voices
heard in the decision-making process.

We handle the money given to us from the individual groups. We raise money for the World Service Office through some of our special events. We provide literature at no cost to promote the understanding of compulsive overeating and the solution that is available to compulsive overeaters.

Intergroup works behind the scenes to reach out to everyone who needs the recovery offered by Overeaters Anonymous. While you may not see us, we are supporting you and your recovery in every way we can. If you see a need that isn’t being met, if you have a suggestion for improvement, or if you would like to be a part of Central Jersey Intergroup, write or call us today. We need you!

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