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Jim’s Story


In July of 2011 I found myself in yet another doctor’s office. I had been in the emergency room the night before because I had been bleeding from somewhere on my thigh that I couldn’t see; my apartment looked like a crime scene from a TV show. The ER doctor said it looked like a vein that needed to be taken care of by a vascular surgeon. So I found one in my insurance network and went the next day. When they called my name and showed me into an exam room I passed who I believed to be the doctor on the way. The look on his face is one I have seen many times before in my life as a morbidly obese (I really hate that term) person: one of disgust and dismissal.

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Central Jersey Intergroup is turning 40 this year!

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Unity Day Tidbits

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I was so excited to attend my first Unity Day. What a BLESSING to be in the company of such wonderful people, and knowing that we all share the same problem, and having the opportunity to discuss solutions and hear stories of success in the program. I thank God each and every day for OA – it is saving my life one day at a time!!!! -Linda

I had to fire myself as the manager of my life.

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