Missing Faces Campaign

From our 12 Step Within Committee

Is your "We Care" book bursting with names and numbers while seats at your meetings remain empty?

Join the Twelfth Step Within Campaign on the 12th! Make a commitment to extend the hand of recovery. Let's join together in helping our missing fellows find their way home to OA. Are newcomers attending meetings and not coming back? Let's call and let them know how much we care. Invite them back! Let them know there is so much happiness, joy, and freedom to share.

Print the attached flier and bring it to YOUR meeting! Join the Missing Faces Campaign!

Call 5 and Keep em alive 2014

Call 5 and keep em alive clip sheet -Print out the 12th Step Within Service Project. Cut the sheet into fours and bring them to your meeting for your “We Care” Book. Pass them with the 7th tradition basket. Include this project at announcement time.

Can you think of another way to call the missing faces back into the rooms? DO IT!!!!  CALL 5 AND KEEP ‘EM ALIVE! 

CJI Twelfth Step Within Committee

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