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2014 R7 Poster Challenge Results

The Region 7 Outreach Committee has sent out congratulatory emails to the six winning Intergroups and would like to now give you a brief summary detailing the participation and results of the R7 Poster Challenge.Region 7 came through with great results. 13 of our 24 IG’s entered and participated. As many know, there were two categories; one for smaller IG’s (less than 20 meetings) and the other for the larger IG’s (20 or more meetings). Five IG’s were placed in the small category and 8 in the large IG category.

Now the results:
Large Intergroups
1st Place – North Jersey IG – 336 poster locations
2nd Place – Philadelphia Area IG – 217 poster locations
3rd Place – Brandywine IG – 60 poster locations

Small Intergroups
1st Place – West Jersey IG – 3.1 locations per meeting
2nd Place – Harrisonburg IG – 2.7 locations
3rd Place – Jersey Shore IG – 2.1 locations

As you can see, the effort was incredible with a total of 788 WSO poster locations utilized for the entire contest. I would like to mention the special effort by West Jersey, as 24 of their 28 locations were maintained weekly due to location policy requiring posters to be removed regularly. West Jersey then replaced those posters during the entire contest. 292 posters were used in total so, taking that into consideration, 1,056 posters were used in the R7 Poster Challenge.

Locations were varied and some very imaginative. Some locations used were supermarkets, a farmers market, a rehab center, fitness centers, a restaurant, nail salons, a laundromat, community bulletin boards, a pet groomer, a coffee shop, post offices, a pharmacy, a chiropractor, hospitals, colleges, churches, banks, work places, a therapist, hair salons, barber shops, libraries, and a naval medical center.

Wow!!! This challenge could not have been as successful as it was without the great support of the R7 Outreach Committee and Region 7. The true success of this effort will be reflected in the amount of newcomers and returnees who enter our rooms as a result of seeing the posters.

We thank everyone for their dedication and service in the effort to carry the message of recovery.

Gratefully submitted by Ross M. (Region 7 Outreach Chair)

Region 7 Letter
Hi fellow CJI members, Our region is hosting a poster contest for all of the 24 Intergroups in Region 7. Our intergroup will be coordinating a poster challenge administered by Central Jersey IG. Last Friday during the Intergroup meeting, reps. present received guidelines and additional posters. Follows are some specifics.
Included is the letter highlighting and explaining the contest and how the winners will be determined. On the 2nd page is suggested poster locations. Posters to be used are the 4 current posters on the World Service website (included). Intergroup reps. already have extra posters to be distributed at the meetings. Copies can be made but we only ask that posters be in color and to use a heavy grade paper if possible.
CJI as earlier stated will be administering the contest. I am happy to announce Intergroup rep.,  Carol will be the CJI coordinator. The contest began in April and runs to the last week of June. Groups will be responsible in keeping track of their locations posted. Please keep track of poster locations which are to be reported in late June. Suggestions for a group coordinator can be group secretary, rep. or anyone designated. Again locations are sent to Carol only once at the end of the contest.
Winners will be awarded prizes and CJI will determine how the awards (OA literature) will be dispensed and will share that information once determined.
Additional information and reminders will be sent and though not part of the challenge, we'd like to know if any newcomers were as a result of the posters.
I am happy and proud to be associated with Region 7 Outreach Committee who has sponsored the challenge. Be creative in the locations chosen and enjoy the challenge.
Please email Carol  ( ) address spelled correctly or myself ( ) for any questions or additional information.
Have a great day of recovery, Ross
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