Where and Why Do Meetings Donate?

Contributions sent by groups to intergroup (CJI) sustain our primary purpose of carrrying the message of recovery and keep OA self-supporting. Your intergroup provides The Today newsletter and meeting lists, telephone services, maintenance of a web-site, local outreach to the professional community, recovery events, sends World Service Business Delegates and region representatives who vote on behalf of your area on policies and services, and regularly donates to WSO and Region 7.

What Can You Do?

  • Make a contribution of $3.00 or more in your groups seventh Tradition basket when it is passed       around. Include the $3.00 request in your meeting format.
  • Each group should have regularly scheduled business meetings and a treasurer to collect and       dispense the seventh Tradition funds and give periodic reports to the group.
  • After expenses and prudent reserve have been met, encourage your group to regularly send the    remaining funds to intergroup (60%), WSO (30%) and Region 7 (10%).

Remember: your contribution supports us in providing many of the OA services that have changed your  life.  By contributing financially, you nurture yourself and your group while spreading OA’s message of recovery to compulsive overeaters worldwide.

Download the “It Takes Two” pamphlet

Our financial contributions keep the World Service Office (WSO) functioning and support OA activities at the group and service body levels. Financial contributions sustain our primary purpose of carrying the message. When considering how to financially support OA, remember to keep a prudent reserve for your group.