Writing from FOR TODAY, January 1

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“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”  Hal Borland

This is so true – we don’t graduate we just continue.  Hopefully continuing to learn and grow.  Growing a soul  is not a steady upward climb.  The bell curve has peaks and valleys.  The only thing that has remained constant for me over the last 3 decades is that the program is still here for me.

The service I do and the service others do large and small is the currency that keeps this program alive.

I still need to be here after 30 years.  I am still recognizing patterns in my life.  Some started decades ago before I had the words to say what made me uncomfortable.  Finding my voice has been part of the journey.

We all have to do our own work on this journey.  No pill or self-help gimmick can help me avoid that.  I can take a pass on growth for today but eventually it may come around again in a different dress.

Reaching a peace within – and living peacefully with others – that is gold to me. Surrender, acceptance and forgiveness are the keys to finding that peace.   I am glad that I know this for today.  It’s taken a long time to learn and I can’t hold on to this without my participation.  The reward for that effort is some great minutes when I feel like I am in right life.  I never had that before I came to the program.  And I would not have had the chance if people had not done service to bring the meetings to my area.  God bless those that came before us and those of us that are here today!  It’s always been a “we” program.

Happy New Year, Christina[/dropshadowbox]